Monday, February 23, 2009

Starting Point begins March 8th

Where do you go when you have questions? What about when you were exploring faith, God, or Christianity? I see too many people in churches NOT get their questions answered because they have nobody to ask.

At Watermarke, we are launching an environment called Starting Point, which is a conversational environment for people that are:
1. Seekers: people who just have questions about Christianity
2. New Believers: people who are new Christians and want to learn more about God and the Bible
3. Returners: people who are returning to church after a long period

If you are one of the people above, you need to be in Starting Point. Please be sure to attend the Starting Point orientation after either service on Sunday, March 8th. You can read more about Starting Point at

Gavin Adams, Lead Pastor, Watermarke Church

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